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API's for full access to market information

What we do for you.

Âncora 1

CVM - Access to publicly traded companies data

  • Consult company by CNPJ

  • Consult company by trading code

  • Consult the board of directors by trading code

  • Consult the composition of the committees in order of negotiation

  • Consult participation in company by trading code

  • Consult participation in companies / valuation history by trading code

  • Consult intangible assets by trading code

  • Consult distribution by share class by trading code

  • Consult family relationships by trade code 

  • Consult average board remuneration by trading code

  • Consult the total remuneration of the board of directors by trading code 

  • Consult total shareholding position by trade code

  • Consult subordination relationship by trading code

  • Consult transactions with related parties with trading code

  • Consult capital movement by trading code

  • Consult capital distribution by trading code

Âncora 2

CVM - Access to publicly traded company reports

The dataset provides the following financial statements delivered since 2011:

  • Active Balance Sheet (BPA)

  • Liabilities Balance Sheet (BPP)

  • Cash Flow Statement - Direct Method (DFC-MD)

  • Cash Flow Statement - Indirect Method (DFC-MI)

  • Statement of Changes in Equity (DMPL)

  • Comprehensive Income Statement (DRA)

  • Income Statement (DRE)

  • Value Added Statement (DVA)

CVM - Access to Publicly Traded Company Indicators

Indicadores de companhias de capita aberto
  • Consult indicators by trade code 

  • Consult ranking by trading code

Âncora 3

Companies - Access to Legal Proceedings of Publicly Traded Companies

It allows the consultation of information, both current and historical, on the involvement of the consulted entity in lawsuits of all kinds (civil, labor, criminal, etc.).

  • Consult legal proceedings by CNPJ or trading code

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